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biennale call for artists 2016
Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. Who is Alice, where is wonderland and what is the Wonder?
Alice is moving in a world where the established perceptions about life are overruled and the “common morality” is mocked with great passion. Even if these two elements are mainly found in the work of Albert Camus, in the case of Alice we observe a “system of absolute freedom” same as the system supported by Sartre, in which the individual has the absolute liberty to determine his personality. But is this possible? Is “every Alice” a being that has been placed into “existence” without commitments and suggested to shape itself and its environment?


Kyriakos Papadopoulos
Artistic Director

Gregory Frangos
Art Curator

Reiner Schneeberger
IMMERSIVIA Digital Art Curator

Christos Papageorgiou
Local coordinator


The Biennale of Santorini will not appoint a Jury Commission for its 3rd edition. Visitors of the exhibitions will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite work via an electronic system to feature 3 finalists.


→ Artworks delivery period: 20 July 2016 to 13 Aug 2016
→ Opening Ceremony: 1st Sept 2016 – 20:00 ↔ 23:30
→ Exhibitions Opening: 1st Sept 2016 to 15 October 2016
→ Artworks packaging & return: 16 October 2016 to 27 October 2016


Individual artists, group of artists, emerging artists and students are eligible to participate.

Artists or a group of artists can submit up to 5 artworks to any category or to mixed categories. Curators will select from one to three artworks per submission. The pre-registration fee of 60€ will be deduced from the final registration fee if artworks are accepted or it will be refunded by 100% in the case of non acceptance.

All artworks must new and never exhibited before. All artworks must be labelled at the bottom of the back side side stating in clear artist’s or group’s name, year of production, artwork’s title.

Artworks that have been already exhibited in other exhibitions. Copies of works or works by a deceased artists. Works that are in breach of copyright or any other provisions of Santorini Biennale terms and conditions.

The Santorini Biennale reserves the right to deny admission or withdraw a work from the exhibition if for any reason the work, or any circumstances surrounding the display of the work, appears to the Santorini Biennale to expose it to risk of legal proceedings.

All costs related to transportation and customs clearing (if they occur) are at artists responsibility. Artists can use the transport company of their choice and send their artwork in DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) way plus the cost of the insurance for damage (for both transportation ways).

The value for all artworks due to customs regulations has to be declared as 0€ (zero value – for exhibition only & return). Please be informed by your transporter about any special custom clearance process may arise.

Artworks that do not fulfil above requirements will not be delivered by the Santorini Biennale team and they will remain on transporter’s hands and under artist’s responsibility.

The Santorini Biennale and the Biennale galleries provide security, surveillance facilities and insurance coverage for any individual artwork during the exhibition’s installation period -during the exhibition dates and during the return dates. Upon the Letter of Acceptance, Santorini Biennale will sign a separate agreement with every participating artist that will cover issues like; Transportation, Insurance, Security, Surveillance and Damages and Losses.

Each artist by entering a work confirms that holds all intellectual property rights in the work and that they have obtained prior written approval for the use of any third party copyrighted material contained in the submitted work.


1. Paintings must be new and never exhibited before!
2. Max width & height: 100cm X 100cm (39,37 inches X 39,37 inches) maximum.
3. Frame: Unframed!
4. All paintings must be labelled with artist’s name on the back.
5. All General terms above mentioned are applied.
1. Artworks must be new and never exhibited before!
2. Frame: Unframed!
3. Max width & height: 100cm X 100cm (39,37 inches X 39,37 inches).
4. Graphics can be printed on any medium or presented on an electronic medium.
5. All General terms above mentioned are applied.
1. Collages must be new and never exhibited before!
2. Frame: Unframed!
3. Max width & height: 100cm X 100cm or 39,37 inches X 39,37 inches max.
4. Collages can be presented also on an electronic medium or printed.
5. All General terms above mentioned are applied.
1. Artworks must be new and never exhibited before!
2. Paper art can be presented as sculpture also.
3. Max width & height: 2mX2mX2m or 78,74inX78,74inX78,74in.
4. All General terms above mentioned are applied.
1. Sculptures must be new and never exhibited before!
2. Max width, height & length: 2m X 2m X 2x or 78,74in X 78,74in X 78,74in.
3. All General terms above mentioned are applied.
1. Ceramics must be new and never exhibited before!
2. Max width, height & length: 50cm X 50cm X 50cm or 19,685in X 19,685in X 19,685in.
3. All General terms above mentioned are applied.
1. Jewels must be new and never exhibited before!
2. Max width, height & length: 50cm X 50cm X 50cm or 19,685in X 19,685in X 19,685in.
3. All General terms above mentioned are applied.
1. Installations must be new and never exhibited before!
2. Art Installations can be presented inside or outside, so please take in mind of the mediums that you will use. 3. Max width, height & length: 3m X 3m X 3m or 118,11in X 118,11in X 118,11in.
4. All General terms above mentioned are applied.
SANTORINI BIENNALE opens the doors to a new experience of art. Digital Immersive Art. Art made out of bits and bytes mastered by a new kind of artists reaching an audience that leaves classical boundaries behind. Projections of those works create living spaces and changes social habits. Live performances by VJs (visual jockeys) are in the meantime commonly known. Digital Art has long reached a point to be recognised same way as video art, netart and other mixed media instalments that would not be possible if computers as tools for these creative minds would not exist.

To SANTORINI BIENNALE 2014 which theme was PEACE MECHANISMS a work was submitted in the special category by Greek artist Liliana Papadopoulou called “Dremt Forest”. In a land of dreams made solely in the computer trees could be planted by everyone around the world.

An artistic embracement of the Greek forests getting extinct due to the fact that many families in Northern Greece can’t afford to buy oil for the heating of their homes in the winter. The work Dreamt Forest using a technology called 3D Opensimulator where avatars can walk around got international attention. Seeing the ways this kind of art can be recognised and experienced the founders of the SANTORINI BIENNALE made a decision to open a category Immersive Interactive Art – Immersivia for the SANTORINI BIENNALE 2016 which theme is ALICE’s «ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. WHO IS ALICE, WHERE IS WONDERLAND, WHAT IS THE WONDER?». A theme fitting best to create dreams in walkable 3d environments.

As curator was appointed Mr. Reiner Schneeberger known in virtual realms under the name Art Blue. He works since decades with Prof. Herbert W. Franke in the field of Digital Art, who is one of the founders of Ars Electronica. His latest work MOONREZZER was presented at the Live Performers Meeting in Rome 2015. All questions and comments in this field shall be addressed first to him via email

Nevertheless the SANTORINI BIENNALE works as team, so feel to use as well the universal email

Works providing an immersive experience shall be able to be presented from latest 10th August till 1st November 2016 offline (standalone) and/or via the internet. They have to be new in general and never be presented before in public or sent as a contribution to an art festival or an major art event. If parts have already been presented elsewhere then outline this and contact the curator before you submit your work.

There are no restrictions in the use of the technology as long as they are common available and safe to download.

You may send a videolink, preferable via Youtube private link, of a preview so your application can be discussed. Just to name a few platform as examples: Mindcraft, Second Life, InworldZ, Metropolis grid, MOSES grid, Craft grid, Franco grid.

Self hosted opensimulator worlds (OAR copy has to be provided) are possible to be presented within the Santorini Biennale 2016 and will be reachable via hypergrid.

There is a video on youtube where vistors can see how easy they will be able to experience to walk in an open simulator world once they have downloaded a 3d viewer like Firestorm. Compare it with a PDF viewer for PDFs. You get a safe download link of the Adobe Viewer, you start Adobe and this brings you inside the world. Special equipment like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, EPOC emotive, eye.. can be used. As not many visitors might have the technical equipment a suited video has to be added so an idea of the work is built up for everyone.

All other terms stated in the proceedings of the Santorini Biennale stay in effect.

All photos must be of maximum 1 meter X 1 meter of width. Photos must be framed (not more of 8cm of frame’s width). Photography will be displayed as photo installations projects.
Santorini Biennale examines submissions that correlate / combine various artistic forms like; Kinetic art projects, New Media, Poetry, Literature and other.



Participation fees have been waved from 290€ (1st period) & 390€ (actual period) to 250€ for ALL ARTISTS of ALL submission periods! To this fees, all deduction referred to our Call for Artists are apply.

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Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
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